There are many businesses located in the UK that have the words 'Prince Of Wales' in their title. Not all of them have yet embraced digital marketing or have an online presence. This will obviously change as time goes by. As you can see, to own the Top Level Domains (not owned by me):

Unsurprisingly no one has taken up these offers.

What I am offering is the chance to use what I believe is a more aesthetic, meaningful and unique branding / marketing feature to promote your business. If you type into an address bar it currently redirects to this page. Whoever takes up this offer will have the benefits of:

  • Redirection set to their homepage / Facebook page (with masking turned on if required, this only displays the new url)

  • Redirection can only be applied to one address making it unique.

  • Using the new url on all their merchandise.

    • Bar wear
    • Correspondence
    • Advertising

  • The cost of leasing & redirection is nowhere near the cost of ownership making it a much more viable alternative. (starting from less than 1/day)

    • 7 day free trial before committing.

    • Minimum lease period 3 months and you decide the length of the lease. 

    • No cancellation fee.

    • Lease will be offered to the best tender.

Q. What's the catch?

A. There are none. I only want to recuperate my expenses and make  a small profit. The cost and length of the lease are determined by the lessee.

If you are interested or would like any further details please contact me via 'Enquiries'.

Below are just some of the current UK businesses using the 'princeofwales' varieties in their title or are associated with the words 'Prince Of Wales'.