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  • Who you are and what you stand for Brand domain name identity (AKA Vanity URL e.g. is one of your most important brand assets. It’s the standard bearer by which everything else is measured and the guide for everything else that follows. Your brand domain name identity shows the world your personality. It is the culmination of your brand story. The summing up of who you are and what you stand for.

  • Unique and recognisable Apple, Nike, YouTube, Macdonalds – just some of the Companies whose names don’t even have to appear beside their logo, because they have entered the public consciousness and are so familiar and recognisable. Why brand domain name identity is so important:

    • It sets you apart It’s a vital part of your armoury to stand out from the competition.

    • It’s memorable A recognisable and familiar domain name goes a long way toward building brand loyalty. It works everywhere. There’s more places than ever where you’ll be seen and need to make an impression. So consistency is essential.

    • It communicates your values It represents you and your business in a nutshell.

    • It lasts A lot of things about your marketing strategy may change over the years as you grow and change. But if you get your branding right, it will work for you forever. It takes expertise and years of experience to interpret, edit and distill the right elements into an identity that communicates the right message. It then requires more skill, patience and the ability to respond, to tell this story in an ongoing and engaging way.

    • Protection It ensures no malicious use of your brand name and damage to your Company image.