What is it that we love about antique and vintage furniture?  

One Of The Many Objects d'Art

There are many things. The build quality, the design, the history, the beauty of timber that has been loved and cared for over many years, sometimes centuries; the knowledge that for something to have survived so long, it must have been an important item, either financially or sentimentally, to whoever has owned it… Antique and vintage furniture tells a story. And then there’s the fact that reusing furniture is an environmentally friendly option, especially when you consider that most modern furniture is mass produced in the far east and has a huge carbon footprint by the time it arrives at your door.

This site contains many Victorian/19th century, Edwardian and 20th century oil paintings, watercolours, pastels and many antique objects d'art collected over 40 years. NB Some items will fall into multiple categories but have only been listed once. Private by appointment only.

An Oak Cased Servants Bell Panel