These few pages are to remember our comrades who sadly are no longer with us who served in the Royal Army Pay Corps and its two antecedent corps, the Army Pay Department and the Army Pay Corps.
It is also since the Royal Army Pay Corps was amalgamated on the 6th April 1992, but never forgotten by all those who proudly served within the Corps.  If you wish to know more about the Royal Army Pay Corps, click on the Regimental Association badge in the footer.
Died On This Day

Rank   Name   Corps   Link   Date   Conflict *   Tributes  

Cpl   Colin Swanton   RAPC       21st July 2022        
WO2   W Deavall   RAPC       21st July 2007        
Lt Col   J Valinder OBE   RAPC       21st July 1994        
WO1   J Smith   RAPC       21st July 1984        
Capt   E Stroud   RAPC       21st July 1983        
    EJ Askham   RAPC       21st July 1970        
    AV Webb   RAPC       21st July 1957        
Pte   Bernard George Sanwell   RAPC     21st July 1952        
Pte   Robert Cant Mackison   RAPC     21st July 1944   WW2^    
WO2   William Albert Barnes   RAPC     21st July 1920        
Pte   Alexander MacMillan   APC     21st July 1915   WW1    

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