NB The site is continually being updated with info / data as it becomes available.
Date   Event
28th March 2024   New page showing RAPC Roll Of Honour Entries.
4th February 2024   New page showing totals by Year.
26th January 2024   End of migration from Beta to Live. The 'Feature' found on the 25th now resolved.
25th January 2024   Start of migration from Beta to Live.
25th January 2024   Running a full search on the database caused a '500' error. After 5hrs of investigation, it would appear that a 'scrolling table' can only handle 3015 records. There is only one page which will cause this error, and only if the search is for 'All records'. The temporary work around is that the table limit has been set to 3015 records with the option to use another search page to return all records with a maximum of 500 / page.
22nd January 2024   Decided to TNF one of the tables to hopefully make the dbase slightly more efficient, Problem using JFDI methology.
21st January 2024   Task completed to add map locations. New page added to menu to display visual location of CWGC entries.
20th January 2024   Start of task to add map locations.
20th January 2024   Debug to show all CWGC entriies rather than just operational.
15th January 2024   Redesign of the site.