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Marketing your Business
Marketing and advertising are evolving arts. Despite the explosive growth of the internet, there is still room for offline innovation in marketing and brand promotion.

An increasing number of companies and entrepreneurs have seen the value of private and corporate vehicle number plates.

Some have invested in single, outstanding examples that are guaranteed to make an impact.

Distinctive Number Plates:
  • provide excellent promotional, marketing opportunities
  • provide proven investment potential
  • look great in press releases, newspaper articles, TV, etc.
  • are tax deductible
  • raise public awareness of your company
  • set your company apart from the rest
  • represent a one-off cost, so there are no maintenance fees
  • help to create corporate identity

Some companies that 1 TWX or K14 XXL are appropriate for :-


Personalised car registrations are more popular than ever and, as with most things, the best private registrations command the highest prices - which is why so many people now see them as an investment. Some numbers (e.g. number-ones, and good quality name plates) have built-in, persistent value, while others suddenly acquire desirability through twists of fashion and current affairs.

The large sums paid for 'number 1' plates such as F 1, 1 RH, 1 HRH and 1 O reflect the relative scarcity of such registrations. Not only is the number of these plates limited, but owners are often reluctant to part with them.

Visual impact
The more closely a registration number resembles a name or word, the more desirable it is and, consequently, the more valuable.

What is future-proofing?
In general, the term "future-proof" refers to the ability of something to continue to be of value into the distant future; that the item does not become obsolete.

The concept of future-proofing is the process of anticipating the future and developing methods of minimizing the effects of shocks and stresses of future events. This term is commonly found in electronics, data storage, and communications systems. It is also found in Industrial Design, computers, software, health care/medical, strategic sustainable development, strategic management consultancy and product design.

For example listed below are 10 of the 39 Chinese billionaires with the Surname beginning with the letter 'X' and there are over 1000 Chinese millionaires with the Surname beginning with the letter 'X'.

Whilst none of these listed have the initials TWX, there maybe spouses that do, or future children that may be given forenames with TW initials !

While their main businesses maybe in China many are expanding globally, including interests in the UK. One example is
Tony Xia the Chairman of Aston Villa and CEO of Recon Group.

#7 He Xiangjian $9.3 home appliances
#41 Lu Xiangyang $3.5 automobiles, batteries
#56 Lin Xiucheng $2.9 electronics
#56 Simon Xie $2.9 online payment service
#67 Liang Xinjun $2.7 conglomerate
#67 Zhang Xin $2.7 real estate
#72 Liu Xiaodong $2.65 flavorings
#83 Wang Xing $2.4 e-commerce
#83 Xiong Xuqiang $2.4 real estate
#92 Ma Xingtian $2.15 pharmaceuticals

1   T   W   X
One   Tax   Wagon   Cross
I-   Tech   Wales   Love
In   Technical   Wealth   eXact
Info   Tele   Weather   eXchange
Information   The   Web   eXclusive
International   Three   Week   eXist
Into   Tiger   Weekend   eXit
Indian   Time   Weird   eXperience
Irish   Total   Welsh   eXperimental
Italian   Touring   What   eXpert
    Tourism   Wheeled   eXplodes
    Trans   When   eXpress
    Travel   Where   eXtra
    Truck   Who   eXtreme
    Tunes   Wholesale   Xmas
    Turban   Why   X-Axle
    Turbo   Wild   X-Country
    Turkish   Wine   X-Long
    Twin   Winter   X-Over
    Two   With   X-Rated
        Woke   X-Track
        Women   Xing
Information   Technology   (IT ..)