The secret of all victory lies in the
organisation of the non-obvious.”

Marcus Aurelius 121-180 AD

Life generates stuff and it doesn't take long before keeping up with all of it becomes difficult. The ITWX Personal Organiser ® was created to solve this problem.

The ITWX Personal Organiser ®” is like having your very own Personal Assistant.  It can help you get up to date with less stress in all areas of your personal administration needs. By using an Excel spreadsheet as the data repository it is possible by using VB Code within the spreadsheet to create the illusion of a software application.

The personnel administration process is resources and time consuming. The automation of personnel administration is a solution with instant benefits.This application can be used to replace a manual home filing system for all your ‘Personal Admin’ documents by de-cluttering and creating a sensible home office management system. Disclaimer


 Happiness is not the absence of problems, it's the ability to deal with them.


With the advent of Smart devices that use Apps i.e. Iphones or Android phone / Tablets, it’s possible to capture all your documents and store centrally in an organized manner. Select other topics from this Menu to view what the application can do.


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